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Niagara Falls is a city in Niagara County, New York, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 50,193, down from the 55,593 recorded in the 2000 census. It is adjacent to the Niagara River, across from the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and named after the famed Niagara Falls which they share. The city is within the Buffalo–Niagara Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Western New York region.

While the city was formerly occupied by Native Americans, Europeans who migrated to the Niagara Falls in the mid-17th century began to open businesses and develop infrastructure. Later in the 18th and 19th centuries, scientists and businessmen began harnessing the power of the Niagara River for electricity and the city began to attract manufacturers and other businesses drawn by the promise of inexpensive hydroelectric power. After the 1960s, however, the city and region witnessed an economic decline, following an attempt at urban renewal under then Mayor Lackey. Consistent with the rest of the Rust Belt as industries left the city, old line affluent families relocated to nearby suburbs and out of town.

Despite the decline in heavy industry, Niagara Falls State Park and the downtown area closest to the falls continue to thrive as a result of tourism. The population, however, has continued to decline from a peak of 102,394 in the 1960s due to the loss of manufacturing jobs in the area.


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Single Family Homes For Sale in Niagara Falls

There is a variety of styles and prices for single family homes for sale in Niagara Falls.  We have both one and two story homes available.  Choose your style from a Cape Cod to a contemporary home with a Frank LLoyd Wright look.  The age of homes varies as well.  If you are a traditionalist you can easily find a home build in the early 1900’s.  If you prefer something newer there are several homes on the market at any given time that we are sure you will find suitable.

Newest Listings:

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Niagara Falls Waterfront Homes

One thing Western New York is famous for is its access to water.  Surrounded by two great lake (Lake Erie and Lake Ontario) as well as the Niagara River and the amazing Niagara Falls itself there is no shortage of water related activities.  We have miles of waterfront homes for sale, local harbors and marinas are plentiful and boating is a big part of our spring summer and fall activities.  Enjoy our detailed overview of our waterfront homes.

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Niagara Falls Condos and Townhomes

There are currrently [shortcode fields=”PropertyType|City” values=”Condo And Townhouse|Niagara Falls” template=”default” sort_type=”LOCAL” count=”” sc_type=”count” data_field=”Price”] condos for sale in Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls condominium market is certainly not what it was years ago.  There are now lots of location and options for you to choose from.  The inventory changes often so stop back frequently to see what is new and exciting.  Explore what Niagara Falls condos and town homes have to offer.

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Multi Family Investment Property

There is no shortage of available investment properties in Niagara Falls.  Two family homes seem to be the most plentiful but at times there are 4 unit apartment buildings available and on occasion you could find a 5 or more unit building for sale in Niagara Falls  Here is a short list of a few investment properties currently available:

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Niagara Falls Luxury Homes

Niagara Falls is home to some of the finest luxury communities in New York State.  Niagara Falls luxury homes offer several amenities.  They are typically on a larger lot with in ground pools and other buildings on the property such as large sheds or pool cabanas. Many have home theaters as well.  There is never a shortage of luxury homes it Niagara Falls.  Currenty there are [shortcode fields=”PropertyType|City|Price” values=”Single Family Residential|Niagara Falls|350000-6000000″ template=”default” orderby=”Price” orderdir=”ASC” sort_type=”GLOBAL” count=”” sc_type=”count” data_field=”Price”] Luxury homes available in Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls Foreclosures

Niagara Falls foreclosures are a good way to earn a little sweat equity.  Most foreclosures require some degree of updating and repair.  There are a couple types of foreclosures.  For instance, there are bank foreclosures and there are HUD foreclosures.  HUD foreclosures are homes where the owners had an FHA loan.  An FHA loan is insured by the United States Government.  If a person defaults on their loan the bank will call in the insurance from the government and turn the home over to HUD (Housing and Urban Development) who will in turn put the home on the market and sell it to the highest bidder.  There is always a good selection of bank owned homes on the market.  Here is a short list of foreclosure homes in Niagara Falls currently available.

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Niagara Falls Homes For Rent

If you are not yet ready to buy a home in Niagara Falls there are always plenty of homes and apartments for rent in the area.  Rental rates are reasonable and you can generally find something that suits your needs although it might be a little bit harder if you have pets, but, that doesn’t mean we can’t find you a nice apartment if you do have pets.  It just may take a little longer to find one so don’t hesitate to call and get us started on a search for a rental that fits your needs.

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